Admission Instrucions

  • Please send your child to the school everyday.
  • The School expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure that : The children come to School regularly and punctually, dressed neatly and correctly .
  • The children bring to School their books and note-books which should be properly maintained.
  • They are also expected to co-operate with the School Authorities by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School. In particular, they are understood to have entrusted the Principal with authority to correct and punish their children at her discretion.
  • Please inform the School Office in writing if there is any change in your address/ telephone numbers/office address etc.

Courses Offered

  • Pre-School : Strength-46
  • Pre-Primary : Strength-83
  • Class-I : Strength-96
  • Class-II : Strength-81
  • Class-III : Strength-87
  • Class-IV : Strength-83
  • Class-V : Strength-79
  • Class-VI : Strength-104
  • Class-VII : Strength-70
  • Class-VIII : Strength-93