About Us

Cornerstone to produce the best scholars for the society.

School nurtures and cherishes scholars to develop moral values to be a true citizen of the country.

Ingrains a culture of High Expectations through Learner Centered approach

We encourage students to aspire to the highest possible standard of a achievement, knowledge and skills through enjoyable learning experiences.

Holistic development of the child is our mainspring.

School strives continuously to improve all aspects of school life by seminars, workshops and activities.

Yield active and responsible citizens from our portal.

We prepare the students for their future life to promote their economic well being by providing appropriate information economic advise and guidance.

An Educlinic for learning and success

School Facilities

  • Lush green pollution free and healthy environment.
  • Child centered value based thematic education of global standard.
  • Take every child to an engaging journey of self-exploration through interactive teaching.
  • Inculcate essential life skills for overall development.
  • Create scientific temperament and competitive environment.
  • Exposure to National & State level sports and educational programs along with excursions.
  • Renowned and eminent management.